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Kathy's Bio

Kathy Garber As a conservative, careful researcher Kathy Garber has formulated scores of herbal health solutions improving the lives of hundreds of thousands. Propelled by the extraordinary results experienced by the users of her formulations, the company she founded in 2003 grew into a multimillion dollar enterprise in just 5 years.

Focused, with an uncanny ability to find the critical information needed, she is loved and respected as a woman of strength, courage and integrity. No one has benefitted more from her dedication than her son,Tristan who for twelve years avoided kidney dialysis through her herbal formulations and research.

The challenges presented by third world countries do not intimidate this resourceful entreprenuer and compassionate herbalist who grew up in rural Costa Rica. Kathy lives in beautiful Northwestern Montana with her husband Nathan and thier four children where she is researching and developing a natural cure for malaria.