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Excepts from Saving Tristan
Chapter One

Why Herbs

Liquid herbal extracts solved my dilemma of convincing Tristan at four years old that his survival depended on eating the ground up herbal tablets and powders from capsules mixed with applesauce. What I did not know until much later, was that I had stumbled across the most effective form of herbal delivery. The small amber glass bottles with rubber topped droppers held the precious liquid extracts of herbs that gave my son a normal life, and he didn't mind taking it! Known as tinctures or extracts these powerful liquids are up to seventy percent more effective than tablets or encapsulated herbs. According to Terry Willard, PhD of the Wild Rose College and author of The Textbook Modern Herbology, this is due to the liquid form being more easily assimilated into the body and the alcohol acting as an effective carrier into the blood stream. This is particularly valuable when quick relief is needed or in an acute situation.

Herbal extracts or tinctures are a liquid where the beneficial properties of the herb have been pulled out of the plant using a liquid extracting medium. Alcohol, water, glycerin and even vinegar are used as mediums, with a mixture of alcohol and water being most common. Widely available both online and in health food stores they are often overlooked by those in search of natural healing. Choose a reputable brand and if you do not experience improvement try another brand.