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Excepts from Saving Tristan
Chapter Five

Organ Cleansing, Parasites and Yeast infection

Imagine living in your home for twenty years and never cleaning it. The buildup of dirt and clutter would make it an unpleasant and unhealthy place to be. While we wash our cars, insist on gleaming floors and sparkling windows, little thought is given to cleansing our organs. Environmental toxins build, eliminative channels become sluggish and clogged. New chemicals find their way into our food supply every year and we wonder why we feel so poorly. Thoroughly cleansing the body is believed by leading researchers and health professionals to be the number one method of health improvement.

Cleansing has gained popularity in recent years and there is an astonishing and bewildering array of cleanses available. Some focus on one organ such as the liver others promise a new life through a clean colon. Some are gentle while others are so intense you cannot leave the house for fear of urgently needing a restroom. Liquid cleanses in giant bottles, powders to be mixed with water or juice and cleansing teas all no doubt contain wonderful cleansing compounds, but I found in general they tasted awful. So, in spite of my best intentions, after a few days the thought of downing a big glass of slimy, gritty or bitter liquid was too much, the full benefit of the cleanse was never realized

In searching for a cleanse I could offer our clients with confidence, I discovered a gentle but effective one made by the Pure Body Institute. Designed to cleanse all the major organs it can be bought with or without the Colon Cleanse. It suited my idea of what a cleanse should be perfectly, and it is easy to take in pill form for the suggested three months. While you will notice increased elimination you can continue your daily routine without fear. Many doctors are recommending this excellent cleanse and pack into presentations to learn more about its benefits. This is a good place to start for anyone interested in cleansing the body, and for best results, do take it for the suggested three months once or twice a year.

Parasitic worms travel through the blood stream and can invade any organ. As all your organs are being cleansed, stimulated and unclogged, this is an important issue to address during the second month of cleansing. We would all like to think we and our families are free of these silent invaders who survive on the nutrients meant for us and cause a myriad of symptoms and diseases. The reality is up to eighty percent of us are hosts. Their eggs finding their way into our bodies through direct human contact, contaminated food and water, farm animals, household pets and undercooked meats. More than 100 types of parasite worms can live happily in human bodies.

The work of the late researcher Dr. Hulda Clark is perhaps the most important in making the connection between parasites and disease. Her fascinating book, The Cure for All Diseases is a valuable, easy to read resource on this subject. Symptoms of parasites range from annoying to life threatening, and can include any or all of the following:

  • itching nose and anus
  • chronic constipation
  • frequent gas and bloating
  • skin irritations and rashes
  • eczema
  • loss of appetite
  • headaches
  • abdominal pain
  • failure to thrive in children
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • mental dullness
  • dry skin and hair
  • excess weight
  • weight loss
  • asthma
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
  • gallstones
  • endometriosis
  • food and soil cravings

Wormwood, Cloves and Green Black Walnut Hull extract are powerful anti-parasiticals and should be included in the parasite cleanse you choose. Green Tea extract is a powerful anti-oxidant and increases the effect of Wormwood. Quassia also destroys parasites and as a bitter tonic improves the appetite. Gentian and Elecampane root tone and soothe the digestive tract and lower bowel transit time. Elecampane is also anti parasitical, Fennel seed extract is interesting in that one researcher found it has the ability to intoxicate worms and in their inebriated state leave their homes and are eliminated.

The herbs in the previous paragraph are all powerful and part of the Para-Rid formula. I added Ginger, Catnip and Fennel to ease stomach cramps caused by gas or griping, making it a very child friendly parasite cleanse. In liquid extract form it is easy to add Para-Rid to an acidic juice such as orange, tomato or grape to mask the worst of the bitterness. Caution should be used in ridding children under two years of age of parasites, Olive leaf extract is an appropriate option, do observe your child carefully for swelling or bleeding gums and lower the dosage if needed.

Out of desperation to resolve our youngest son's severe eczema and night time coughing, I broke the rules and gave him five drops each of Para-Rid and Clark FX (a combination of Green Black Walnut Hull extract, Wormwood and Cloves) at 18 months. He was not responding to the Olive leaf extract. After three days of this small dosage three times daily, the coughing stopped and never returned. His skin condition improved dramatically, and within a few weeks he only had a small area on the back of one knee. If you find it necessary to use the stronger herbs for a child under two be very careful, use small doses for short periods of time only.

Roundworm or the ascaris is common in adults and children with up to hundred million infected worldwide. Causing asthma, rashes, abdominal pain, appetite loss and intestinal blockages, it grows up to twelve inches and can lay 200,000 eggs per day. In addition to herbs, Coenzyme Q10 is helpful in cleansing the body of roundworms and tapeworms. Since they are larger worms with many eggs inside, it is important to do the full six day treatment twice. If your symptoms persist, see The cure for all Diseases for ozonated olive oil and zapping. Be sure to cleanse any yeast infection as well. Parasites live in and are further carried through the body by detrimental yeast cells.

The timing of taking herbs to rid your body of parasites is important. Worms, like fish, lay their eggs around full moon, so begin treatment two days before full moon for a total of six days or as directed on the cleanse you chose. Repeat the following month beginning again two days before full moon. As a maintenance Para-Rid or Clark FX can be used one day a week, this is particularly helpful if you live on a farm or have pets. Include your pets in the treatment as well. Foreign travel certainly calls for a parasite cleanse on return, or better yet, if the visit is short, take the herbs with you and use on a daily basis.

Treating your entire family at the same time is very important as parasites and especially pinworms are highly contagious. Wash all bedding and undergarments in the hottest water available on the last day of the six day treatment. Wash your hands frequently and teach your children to always wash their hands with soap after using the restroom, before eating and whenever they are soiled. Counting to 30 while washing hands is a good way to insure they keep the water on long enough to get their hands clean. Keep your own and your children's finger nails trimmed short. If you have pets or animals, teach your children not to allow face licking and to always wash their hands after playing with the dog or cat.