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Child Birth Nursing Leg Cramps, Teething, Backache
After Pains, Menstrual Cramps Acne, Irregular cycles PMS, Baby Blues
Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts Morning Sickness Miscarriage
Varicose Veins Parasites Whole Body Colon Cleanse
Infertility ADD, Bedwetting, Stuttering Colds, Flu, Asthma
Stress and Nervousness Insomnia Adren-L-Ai
Shoulder Pain Yeast Infection Weight Loss

Greetings across the miles...Just thought I'd take this time to Thank You for your ever ready service, your support and prayer along with your beneficial products that offer hope and health to those who receive them. Mountain Meadow Herbs has been like an answered prayer in my life. Of all the places I've dealt with I always come back to you as the best. While there are many out there with good products, my formed impression (whether right or wrong!) is while their products keep a healthy person in good health, yours help an unhealthy person to good health. May God's blessings be with you and may He be glorified for sending health and hope through people like you! I'm getting good results with the Yeast X and hope to do the Adren-L-Aid in a few months. As long as Mountain Meadow Herbs exists you'll find me as one of your satisfied and happy customers. -Linda L


I had a C-section with my first baby because of failing to progress. The next two were about the same, laboring for 18 hours then being induced and drugged, both successful VBACs but obviously long and interfered with. I took Gentle Birth Formula from 37 weeks until my due date during my fourth pregnancy. Three days after my due date mild contractions began. I relaxed in a tub of warm water and then it was really time to go. As we arrived at the hospital I was surprised to feel the head crowning already. We left the car running with the doors open at the front of the hospital. Lying on the bed a few minutes later and with no interference of drugs or needles, I gracefully delivered my 9 lb 12 oz little boy! I was so stunned my labor and delivery were all done. I give a lot of thanks and praise for this product and I tell everyone I know. - Debbie Martens

The Gentle Birth Formula prolonged my labor long enough for my midwife to get here! I usually go so fast, she doesn't have enough time. You said in your brochure that it helped with longer labors for those who usually have precipitated births and that was definitely the case with me.- Mrs. Houser


I just wanted to sing the praises of Gentle Birth! With my first child, I had to be induced a week late & the labor was long (14 hours), horrendously painful, and absolutely NOT the birth experience I wanted! I had to get three epidurals, which I really didn't want, and push for almost 2 hours to deliver a 6 lb., 11 oz. girl. When I was pregnant with my second child, I discovered Gentle Birth and began taking it at 36 weeks (a little late, even!). I ended up going into labor 5 days early & the whole birthing process (from waking up with contractions 5 minutes apart to delivering) was less than 6 hours. We were only in the hospital for an hour & a half before the baby was born! I was able to deliver with NO pain medication and pushed for approximately 10 minutes to deliver an 8 lb., 12 oz. baby boy! It was amazing & exactly what I'd hoped my birth would be. I credit Gentle Birth with helping me have the drug-free, fast delivery that I'd always hoped for! Thank you so much!! - Catherine

I did not know I was in labor until I was in transition. From the time I had my first hard contraction till delivery was 1/2 hour! I couldn't believe it! I nearly beat the midwife by 5 min.! And my son was born with two pushes! My last two sons were also born with two pushes but with this one, the water bag popped as his head was being born.- Clara

One mother with her 1st baby had to be taken to the hospital where they gave her strong med. She finally did have her baby. Now her 2nd one, I gave her the Gentle Birth Formula. She was in labor only 4 hrs and had a nice delivery and she didn't bleed much and felt stronger after delivery. I really do recommend this product! Mrs. Gingerich (Midwife)

Thank you for the fine products. I am pleased with the results: smooth, fast births especially 1st timers. Please don't compromise on quality! - Mrs. Petersheim (Midwife)

I have had some very nice births with Gentle Birth Formula. I've had mothers who used it faithfully and said they can't believe it. It was so easy and they felt so different. One 1st timer broke her water at 7am and had her baby at 10am, and seemed very good. - Mrs. Bontrager (Midwife)


Just a note to tell you I'm very impressed with the Gentle Birth Formula! I knew I was in labor all day, but contractions were very light. I did the cleaning and hung wash out on the line. Around 3'o clock I was getting certain this was real labor and felt like resting. I called the midwife (my mom) at 3:30 and said I'd like if she'd come awhile, but felt silly-because surely this was just the beginning! Contractions were hard working ones by 4:00 and baby was born at 5:00, no complications. I had very little bleeding in the following weeks, less than for the first three babies. Many thanks for a great product! - Lorene

I tried your Gentle Birth Formula after having tried many other things in that line, always to no avail. I was always over due a few weeks and a few times my labor had to be started with IV, which is all I expected for this time, with my 11th child. But I was in for a good surprise when only 3 days overdue, I went into a quick labor and in a few hours had my baby. Praise the lord for every good thing, and thank you for a good product! - Satisfied in PA

For my 9th child, I used the Gentle Birth Formula for the first time. I was in labor only 41/2 hrs and only one push and she was born. I would recommend it to everybody! My labor was so much easier than the last two I had, I think I'd want another one! - Mrs. Miller

The Gentle Birth Formula continues to be a loved formula by the mothers and their midwife (me). Thank you so much.

- Emma


"I received a call from a mother who was in labor who wanted to wait until contractions were more serious. Shortly afterwards the call came asking me to come immediately. Driving as quickly as I could, to my dismay I was pulled over by a policeman. Ten minutes later while trying convince the officer that I was on an important mission my cell phone rang and a healthy baby boy was crying in the background. This was enough to validate my story and I was not given a ticket. This mother had taken the Gentle Birth Formula and apparently did not experience the "serious" contractions she expected until the last twenty minutes before giving birth.

- Mrs. Coblentz (Midwife)




This is my seventh baby. In the past I have never had very much milk and my babies did not gain well. I decided I would give Maxi-Milk a good try. I now have more than enough milk and my baby is so chubby and happy! I actually cut back on the amount I was taking as my little girl was gaining 11 ounces per week. -Mrs Gingerich


I was struggling to meet the nursing needs of my 2 month old twins. After a couple of days on MM, I could tell a difference. I was full and leaking milk! No more bottles, I was able to totally nurse them till they were over a year. Thanks for a great product! - Barbara


I've never had enough milk for my babies and I am so thankful for your Maxi-Milk. It's wonderful and so handy! I'm ordering more for myself and my sister-in-law so she can use it as well. Sometimes, I don't even take it every day, works wonderful! - Mrs. Borntreger

"Thanks for sending me the Maxi-Milk. I could not breast feed my other three babies. Now this one is very content but was fussy until I started taking Maxi-Milk! Now is very content and gaining well. Also the colic drops have helped her stomach. I enjoy nursing now that she is content. - Mrs. Frey


"Just a note to tell you how much I like Maxi-Milk! It worked for me the first day I started taking only 1/3 of the dose. I went from not having enough to having too much!

Also my son was in a farm accident and spent four days in the hospital. My milk supply went down because of the stress and little sleep (I forgot my Maxi-Milk). As soon as I started taking it my milk supply was right back, even though I was under stress and lack of sleep! I don't know what I would have done without Maxi-Milk! Thank you so much for your wonderful products! May God richly bless. - Karen H

"I just want to share my testimony about your Maxi-Milk Tincture. When my little girl was two and a half weeks old, my milk was gone. (This is my first child) I never experienced any engorgement or anything close to it. Everyone kept telling my milk would eventually come in. Now I wish I would have ordered Maxi-Milk right away, but "live and learn!" Anyway by this time she was just starving and crying all the time. I finally gave her some goat's milk and ordered Maxi-Milk. I didn't know if it was too late to get my milk in or not, but I wanted to try it because I REALLY wanted to nurse her. I had done a lot of reading on the benefits of mama's milk over formula.


Anyway after taking the Maxi-Milk, I started having milk!!! I was soooo happy!! It was increasing in amount little by little every day. Again I never was engorged but I was nursing my baby!!!! I still have to supplement with goat milk, but she much prefers me over the bottle.


I tried different ways of taking it, but what works best for me is to take a fairly large dose just before bedtime and I have the most milk that way. She is about 8 months old now and is still nursing. She is a happy baby and weighs 18 pounds! Come to find out, my mother and grandmother never could nurse their babies because of lack of milk. It really didn't matter to them because the bottle was the big thing back then. But I am so glad to be able to nurse mine!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! - Katherine


"I wouldn't be nursing if I didn't have Maxi-Milk !" - Mrs. Mast


"The Maxi-Milk is helping me so much. This product has been such a gift as I have struggled with having the supply to meet the needs of my little one, especially after returning to work full time. It is allowing me to exclusively breast feed him." - Emily


"Maxi-Milk, I need it ASAP, I love it! Now I have enough milk!

- Barbara


"Please rush me another bottle of Maxi-Milk. Mine is getting low and I don't want to run out cuz it is helping me after I tried many other stuff. So thanks to the Maxi-Milk formula!

- Wilma

"I got some of your Maxi-Milk from my midwife and am very pleased with the results. It works! Now, I would like another bottle. - Dorothy


"Thanks for the Christmas gifts. I use the planner to write my expected births in. Mothers are finding the Maxi-Milk makes for a more contented baby, it is really catching on.

- Mrs. Eicher (Midwife)

"This is wonderful stuff! I am thoroughly enjoying nursing my 4th baby. I don't even have to worry about not having enough milk! I ran out of Maxi-Milk three days ago and I can't wait to get more. I can tell my supply is not very plentiful. Is there anything like paying extra to have it shipped sooner?


Thank you so much for your fantastic products! I have been recommending you to lots of my friends! Also, we have a specialty and bulk foods store and often get requests for teas or supplements for nursing mothers. Is there some way we could carry your products in our store? I would love to talk with someone about wholesale possibilities. Thank you again and God bless you all for using your talents to bring health to others! - Mrs. Ebersole



Leg Cramps, Teething, Backache


My mom gave me a bottle of your Herbal Calcium for our 3 year old. He was very, very fussy as a baby and he's never grown out of it. I started giving him that calcium and his crying spells have completely stopped. Often in the morning he'd cry for 1 1/2 hrs straight and there was nothing I could do about it. Thanks for a Great Product!! -Mrs.Raber

The Herbal Calcium has really helped my daughter while she's teething. - N Miller


Baby Karalyn started teething at 41/2 months. She was fussy, drooled a lot and could hardly chew her fist and me hard enough! I started her on the Herbal Calcium and soon noticed a difference. Although it didn't totally eliminate her fussiness, she was more relaxed, quit chewing and drooling! She gets all excited about the dropper bottles and opens her mouth for her "medicine". I gave some to my sister for her baby and she's saying the same thing! - Mrs. Coblentz

The Herbal Calcium works wonderful! I'm using it on my 4 1/2 month old baby for teething and I'm almost out of it!

- Mrs. Kauffman

Please send us the Herbal Calcium immediately as we're going on a trip and I'd really like to have it before then, as I hate to be without it. It really helps me! - Ada


Thank you for your prompt shipment of the Herbal Calcium. The last few nights my daughter has slept a lot better.

- Mrs. Yoder


Here is an order for an 8 ounce Herbal Calcium. We have used one bottle for our 4 year old twins and it has helped to keep them more calm and sleep better. Thank you, you have good products. - Martha

I sure like the Herbal Calcium as I have such good results with it. I am almost 7 months pregnant and hardly any back ache which is new for me! With my other pregnancies I also used calcium (other kinds) and was still very much bothered with backache. So I give your calcium good credit. Thanks for making it available! - Mrs. Yutzy


I would like to order one 4 oz bottle of your Herbal Calcium. This is my 5th pregnancy and the first time I've gotten up to the 7th and 8th months without getting severe leg cramps which I am giving your calcium the credit for. - Mrs. Yoder




After Pains, Menstrual Cramps,


I used your After-Pain Relief with baby number five. For the first time I was not counting hours until I could take more pain pills. I was very impressed! - Regina


Your After-Pain relief is wonderful! I normally have severe after pains, this time it's been so nice to nurse my newborn without those dreaded pains! - Relieved in OH


I took the After-pain Relief every 15 minutes. It helped a lot! Usually I have a week to a week and a half of after pains, this time only two days! - Mrs. Zook


I used the Stomach Aid, Gentle Birth Formula and After-Pain Relief . They really work! - Ruth

The After-Pain Relief has done wonders for my menstrual cramps that over-the-counter pain reliever didn't touch! I've recommended it to a few others with the same problems!

- J. Yoder


Our daughters use the After-Pain Relief for their monthly and almost completely pain free! Our oldest daughter used to get quite sick on the first day. My niece also uses it with the same results with more of their friends wanting to try it.

- Mary Lou

Just a few lines to let you know that I had a lot easier period this time and I'm hoping it will keep on improving with more of your HB Formula and T&C Formula. I was having so much pain with my periods that I didn't do much all day long as it would just cramp and pain so much. Thanks again!

- Miriam


I am taking the T&C and I think that I have ovulated tor the 1st time since my miscarriage! I can feel my period coming on but it's not the painful, heavy flow like it always was. Thank you! -Teresa

Acne, Irregular cycles


I really love the HB Formula. I used to have my cycle every two weeks, but this keeps me regular and helps a lot with my acne! - M. Graber

"HB Formula works so well for my acne. I am very pleased!"

- Rhonda

My daughter usually had her periods late and got awful migraines. She decided to try your HB Formula and it works wonderful! Her periods are on time and she has only had two very slight migraines. "I want more; I hate to be without it!"

- Mrs. Lapp

After using your products I got my period. I have not had it for 2 years! The T&C and the HB Formula worked in just a little over a month. Thank you so much! - Amanda


I tried T&C and HB Formula to get my hormones regulated and to feel better. And within one month I was pregnant, after trying for 6 years and having two miscarriages!

- Mrs. Graybill


Your H B Formula is working very well for our daughter that used to be so irregular. - Mrs. Christner

"I was having my period every 13 days and after taking the HB Formula for one month, my cycle is every 32 days. I am impressed!!!" - Cindy


PMS, Baby Blues


I took HB and T&C Formula for 1 month. I had my period last week with no cramps and I didn't feel like kicking everything that got in my way. (as that's how I feel a week before I get it) My husband usually knew when that time came. He would tiptoe around me that week, but this time I was my jolly self ALL month. Believe me; I didn't want to be like that. Thanks! - Mrs. Graybill


I was suffering from Post Partum Depression; H B Formula has given wonderful relief. I could cope so much better with stress and think clearer. Also didn't experience such a weighed down feeling. - Mrs. Gingerich


I have taken the HB for a week and a half three times a day. It got rid of my hot flashes! I am now taking it only once a day. Thank you! - Mrs. Mast


Endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts


My pain started at twelve years old; an adult specialist finally told me I have endometriosis. During my two pregnancies the pain lessened but always came back. I was ready to agree to the hysterectomy my doctor was recommending. I had gone two and a half years without a period. Then I found your catalog! I ordered the HB and T&C Formula right away and, after one week of taking it, I was pain free and my menstrual cycle started! Today I would not be without your products; I have regular, pain free cycles that only last five days, and I no longer have headaches. I can't believe I was so ready to spend thousands of dollars on surgery when your products are like $28.00 a bottle and work. Thank you so much for making available the herbs God provided to help others in need. - Mrs. Waldner

I was taking the T&C for about a month after already having been doctored for endometriosis. They told me I had cysts all over my ovaries and that my tubes were completely clogged shut and that I would never be able to have children. This last time I went in to have a checkup and the Dr said my ovaries have cleared up a lot and one of my tubes is beginning to be cleared out! I may have a chance at being pregnant after all! Thank you for such a great product!

- Missionary to Africa

About a year ago I was looking at a hysterectomy; I have had 3 D & Cs. My midwife gave me the T&C Formula and I have not had to have a hysterectomy and feel great! I am using T&C as maintenance for approx 3 months once a year now. - Mrs. Mast

The T&C is a great blessing to me. I had a cyst on my ovary the size of a baseball and was scheduled for surgery in 4 weeks. After using the T&C for 3 weeks, I went in for a checkup and the cyst was gone! - Mrs. Weaver

I am amazed at how well the T&C, HB Formula and Progesterone Cream, used as you suggested, has changed my life. No more painful and very long periods. My ovarian cyst has disappeared and my cycle is like clockwork! My Doctor suggested surgery, but now that is no longer necessary. It has only been about 3 months, but what a difference! I feel like myself again! Thank you so much.

- Holly

Morning Sickness


One of my clients was on an IV, too sick to keep down sips of water. Within 24 hours of taking the Stomach Aid, she quit vomiting and no longer needed the IV. - Midwife from Va

Just wanted to let you know your product is the very 1st that has helped me so much. I feel like a new person and hardly realize I'm pregnant, something very unusual. I didn't know you could feel so good in such a short time after taking something for morning sickness that lasts all day long. I can work and exercise without getting sick! Thank you! - Martha


I was pregnant with my first and I was so sick I was in bed. I ordered some Morning Sickness Balm and in a week's time I was feeling much better! - Mrs. Horst


This is my third pregnancy. I was sick for a week before I decided I am not going through feeling sick for three months. I looked around for help, got some herb teas to drink, but not much help. Then, my sister told me about Stomach Aid. She said to try it. I did and what a change! Now I can get up early in the morning to pack my husband's lunch and do my work. I am in my third month and have vomited only once! Thanks, Carolyn W


I was extremely sick 24 hours a day until I took the Stomach Aid I was extremely better within 24 hours of taking the formula! - Colleen


I love your products. I took the Gentle Birth Formula and I had a very easy labor. Now I'm expecting twins and I was very sick. I tried Stomach Aid and was amazed at the results I got. - Mrs. Weaver


I had good results with the Stomach Aid. I wouldn't be without with another pregnancy. Thank you! - Mrs. Fisher


"Wonderful! It (Stomach Aid) consistently calmed my nausea and I didn't have near the vomiting I did with my first 3 pregnancies." - Mrs. Weaver


I still felt sick all night and vomited in the morning, but I didn't need to go back to the hospital for IV. Before I started taking it (Stomach Aid), I had been to the hospital 5 times.

- Mrs Miller

Thanks for sending the Stomach Aid. It took a little over a week to get good results. I was kind of disappointed at first cause nothing changed, but "BAM!' it all changed! I am still weak and can't work much, but 3 weeks without much food and water runs a body down quick. Guess from now on, I'll have a bottle on hand so I can start using it as soon as I know I am pregnant. I have tried lots of different things in my 4 previous pregnancies all to no avail. I appreciate your effort in making this product! - Mrs. Mast


My daughter was in bed and couldn't eat or drink. I gave her Stomach Aid and in 10 days, she was up and at work. She came for another bottle! - Susie (Midwife)



Thank you so much for your good service. I was 2 months pregnant when I started with heavy bleeding. I used your C & B Formula and the bleeding completely stopped in 12 hours. Thank you so much for C&B Formula! I feel much better; I'd never want to be without C&B Formula the first few months of pregnancy! Thanks again for your wonderful service. Mrs. Miller

Thanks for your C&B Formula. I was having a problem with spotting for two weeks already when I got your order and started taking the C&B Formula, and it quit in two days. Thanks again! - Mrs. Miller


I just want to tell you what great products you handle. I had one miscarriage & the second time I started bleeding again, so I looked through the MMH catalog. I saw the C&B Formula, so we got a 4 oz bottle. I took that for six hours and the bleeding completely stopped. I would never want to be without the C&B Formula during pregnancy. Thank you so much. God Bless You. - Mrs. Yoder


I quit spotting after 2 days on the low dose of the C&B Formula. Thanks for sending it quickly! Now I have it on hand in case I start spotting again. -Rachel



Varicose Veins

I used your Gentle Birth formula for my last 2 babies! It worked! I normally went very late and instead was only 6-7 days late! And my labor was only 5 hours long instead of a day and a half!! I felt so much better afterwards and my baby seemed more content too!! Also, I used Vari-Plex for my legs and they felt much better too!! Thanks for all your hard work. Glad God gave you the knowledge to mix what we need!! - E. Sauder

I am very thankful for the Vari-Plex. My bulging veins are shrinking; there is less soreness and itching as well.

- Mrs. Byler

I am very well pleased with the Vari-Plex. Within a week: minimal soreness, less swelling in my legs and feet, plus I bled very little after delivery! - Bertha

I am using Vascular Ease Lotion and Vari-Plex together with great results! Glad to find something that works! Mrs. Fisher

I am just sold on this stuff! I'm pregnant right now and I wouldn't be without Vari-Plex. Send me more, please!

- Mrs. Stutzman

When I was 2 months pregnant, I started taking your Vari-Plex and saw an improvement within a couple days. Thank you so much for your help! - Mrs Stoltzfus

"I haven't found any other product that equals the results that "my ladies" get for their varicose vein problems, like Vari-Plex." Please send 10 more bottles, promptly, Thanks.

- Mrs. Gingerich (Midwife)

I used your Gentle Birth formula for my last 2 babies! It worked! I normally went very late and instead was only 6-7 days late! And my labor was only 5 hours long instead of a day and a half!! I felt so much better afterwards and my baby seemed more content too!! Also, I used Vari-Plex for my legs and they felt much better too!! Thanks for all your hard work. Glad God gave you the knowledge to mix what we need!! Thanks! - Eunice


Our daughter has suffered health problems for many years, including anxiety and depression. She is on the last day of taking Para-Rid. We can't believe how many movements of Parasites she has passed! We are looking for better days for her! - Mrs.Kaufman

My daughter always craved sweets until I used the Para-Rid. Now all she wants is fruits & veggies. Thank you!

- C. Herron


The Para-Rid is a good product. My child is finally gaining weight! - N. Yoder


I used the Para-Rid for my little boy who didn't like to eat anything besides sweets. [I am] very glad he enjoys good food now and sleeps through the night. Also, is friskier! Lydia

We were very pleased with the results of using Para-Rid. That is why we are ordering some again. - S. Habegger


The kids started eating a lot better and our 3 year old was a lot calmer. - Emma



Whole Body Colon Cleanse

I find myself taking the stairs now and attacking my work with renewed vigor. I love this stuff! - B. W. Arizona

I wanted to let you know I am finally expecting our first child, before finishing the three month supply of Whole Body/ Colon Cleanse I ordered and the Para-Rid! We have been praying and trying to conceive for twelve years! - Annie



Five years after our youngest son was born, my husband and I wanted to have another baby, but I was unable to conceive. After hearing a friend's testimony on the Fruitful Vine, we decided to give it a try although we hardly dared hope it would work for us. It arrived while I was having my period so I went on it right away taking almost twice the recommended dose thinking either this stuff is going to work, or not! Two weeks later we were in shock when we read a positive pregnancy test!! It must absolutely be the best infertility product available, Thank you. - Ruthann

I've had trouble conceiving, so my midwife suggested the Fruitful Vine. I took it for one month; then the next month I got pregnant. I also took the Vitamin C. Thanks to the makers of the Fruitful Vine! - Mrs. Beiler

I wasn't half way through my first bottle (Fruitful Vine ) until I had a positive test. How excited and thankful we are.

- Mrs. Mast

I have been taking the Fruitful Vine forever, (10months) and just got a positive test! I doubled my dose after talking with a friend. IT WORKED! - Mary Katherine

I'm very, very well pleased by your supplements. I took the Fruitful Vine with Vitamin C for 7 weeks and it worked. We now have an 18 month old daughter. So healthy & happy. I was so thankful for the Maxi-Milk, because my milk supply was low and I wanted to keep on nursing. So I took that and within days I had plenty of milk. Thank you & God Bless You!

- E.C.

I started the Lega-C-Herbs 3 months ago. The sperm count was 7 million and now it is at 30 million. Something is working! - J. Peachy

After being married almost 7 years, and after one month on Lega-C-Herbs for me and one month of Fruitful Vine and Vitamin C for my wife, we were expecting! Thank you for your products and God Bless you all. - Anonymous

Your products for men have helped me. Thank you! I have used them for a few months and have best results when I also take it and the vitamins regularly. Something has been helping as we are expecting our first child.

My impotence is better. - Ohio

ADD, Bedwetting, Stuttering

I used your Herb for ADD for our son and we could really tell a difference. He could do better in school. His teacher asked him, "Is mom giving you magic medicine?" It made us feel good and also his bedwetting stopped. I LOVE your products! - Mrs. Schwartz

My son who is in 5th grade was taking the Herbs for ADD and we ran out at the end of the year. After about two weeks, we could really tell the difference. When at school, he is able to focus and concentrate; otherwise he fiddles.

- Amos M

After a friend's suggestion we tried Natural Attention Aid and Herbal Calcium for our 4 year old son. After 6 months of regular use, we stopped using it for 10 days to make sure he really needed it. During those 10 days he started bed wetting, night tremors, his speech became very bad with a lot of stuttering as well and he became very unmanageable and unkind. We put him back on the Natural Attention Aid and Herbal Calcium and everything disappeared and he behaves as a normal child. - Mrs. Byler


Natural Attention Aid has helped for concentration at work for me, a 21 year old. I wish I would have started it at a younger age. Thank you! - Stoltzfus

For years I was searching for help for our ADD children. Some stuff helped a little. I decided to try your Natural Attention Aid. The results are amazing. We don't want to be without. - Mrs. Zook

My son can cope better with everyday activities and isn't so grouchy anymore! Thanks! - Maria

Our sons age twelve and nineteen are really pleased with this for their bed wetting problem! It really works! After all these years we've finally found something that works. God Bless and keep you! -Sadie K

Our son (in first grade) had poor grades and it was difficult for him to concentrate on his lessons. After the first bottle of Natural Attention Aid, we could tell how much it helped him. It also stopped his bedwetting problem. - Mrs. Schwartz


Colds Flu Asthma

I think your Herbal Respiratory and Infant Immune Boost are just wonderful! I usually get laryngitis and bad colds and have to go to the doctor to get antibiotics. But this year, I took your Infant Immune Boost and Herbal Respiratory and did not have to go see the doctor! I could actually speak and I like that I could take it while nursing my baby. I also gave the herbs to him with excellent results! - Mullet


I won't want to be without infant Immune Boost. If our 13 month old starts with a cold, I start her on Infant Immune Boost. Almost always clears it up in a couple of days!



I really like Herbal Respiratory for our whole family. One winter we had three cases of pneumonia. So the next winter we used lots of Herbal Respiratory, and we didn't have a single visit to the doctor. It also prevents our children from getting croup. I do not want to be without! - Witmer

The Herbal Respiratory DOES WORK. I have been using it on all my children, ages 16 months, 3 years, and 4 years. I give them 1/8 tsp four times a day during a cold or exposed to a cold for approx. 7 days. Sometimes, along with an Echinacea tincture. WOW! Hardly any coughing and the croup just dried up! (Name withheld at customers request)

I am sending you a testimonial about Herbal Respiratory. Lung support seems to be our main need in our house, because we have two with asthma and one that gets croup very easy. I find that if I start out and give Herbal Respiratory 4 times a day to my children WITH an immune boosting formula like Infant Immune Boost (or something similar), the cold just disappears within days, I like to give it about 7-10 days. No more doctor visits or emergency room runs when I use this. I am saving up so I can get 6 bottles at a time. If they are having troubles breathing, I give an extra dose, like in the night or something. My daughter's croup was better within a day or so. I just can't find another product that is so easy to administer, works so well, and can be used from a tiny infant to adult and even nursing mothers. If I ever have another baby, I plan to have this on hand. My second daughter had RSV when she was a month old. If only I would have had Herbal Respiratory and Infant Immune Boost she probably would have never had to go to the doctor or hospital at all!!!!!!! Thanks for making a great product!! God Bless!! - Amanda W


I use the Herbal Respiratory for my 3 children a lot. When I treat them for a cold, I start with an Immune boosting formula and add Herbal Respiratory for a minimum of 10 days. The colds and coughs disappear! I plan to keep purchasing this from you! -Mrs. Witmer

I have a two year old daughter with Down Syndrome. She seems to have a weakness with colds, flu's and respiratory issues. Herbal Respiratory has been a great blessing to us. We've had a good winter. Although she had upper respiratory congestion most of the winter, Herbal Respiratory and God's grace have kept her from getting sick! - Mrs. Horst

With Herbal Respiratory we were able to quit using aerosol treatments for our son with asthma! -Barbara M

I love your products. Our 6 month had a bad cough and mucus. The Infant Immune Boost and Herbal Respiratory really helped with the fever too. Thank you so much. Susan

This tincture (Herbal Respiratory ) has been a real help to us this winter! My husband was having respiratory problems ever since we came to Indiana last January. After recurrent colds, he started taking the Herbal Respiratory each time his symptoms began, and most times, his cold did not advance further. Thanks so much!! -Eileen W

Stress and Nervousness

I used 2 doses of your Stress and Sleep last evening and I slept better than I did for a long time. Please send me two 4 oz bottles. Thanks again for your prompt service.

-Robert Troyer

Since I started using the Stress and Sleep I have been able to stop using my prescription medication to help me sleep for the first time in 16 years. - Mrs. Zook


I had a tight stomach for a long time. Chiropractor said my transverse colon is sluggish but nothing seemed to help till I started with the Stress & Sleep. In a few days my tightness was gone. Thanks for a good product! - Barbara

My husband uses Stress &Sleep and has definitely noticed a difference in the quality of his rest. We're both under a lot of stress and I'm glad to have found something that helps.

- Mrs. Hochstetler

Stress and Sleep relaxes me! - Mrs. Yoder



Thank you for the BedTime Drops. I have brain and liver cancer; these herbs are the only thing that makes sleep possible for me. - Ohio


Thank you for your great formulas! My husband started taking the Adren-L-Aid and was able to stop using tobacco after 15 years with very little withdrawal! It has truly been a blessing! - Mrs. Coblentz

I love Adren-L-Aid. I feel it has helped me a lot. I used to get panic attacks, which I believe was adrenal exhaustion. I thank God for a good product like that, and I thank you for explaining in detail what the product is for or I'd probably never have realized I need it. - Mrs Byler

I'm very pleased with your Adren-L-Aid II. I have more energy and am able to get a good night's sleep without my medication. - Mrs. Petersheim

At 1/2 a bottle (Adren-L-Aid ), our son lost 15 lbs and he is able to do things he couldn't do before! It's totally amazing, for a whole week he was varnishing and he didn't have any chest pains or headaches! - John D

Shoulder Pain

I have suffered from shoulder pain for years, After seeing a naturopath I realized my liver needed help. After two weeks of regularly taking the LiverGlow the pain is completely gone and my digestion is much improved. - Mrs. Byler


Yeast Infection


I have had problems with yeast for over twenty years and have never been able to take anything for it because I was allergic to the product or it didn't agree with my system. The Yeast X package is the first product that I have found that I am able to use and it is working great after only a month. I want to order more to complete the three months . - M Kelly

Your Yeast X Package is giving me very positive results. The first product that works after years of trying to doctor my yeast. Thanks, my nails are slowly coming back to normal. Your products are very good. Mrs. Schwartz

I'm getting good results with the Yeast X and hope to do the Adren-L-Aid in a few months. As long as Mountain Meadow Herbs exists, you'll find me as one of your satisfied and happy customers. - Linda


Weight Loss

In spite of daily exercise, dieting and and trying a lot of different supplements, my ideal weight stayed out of reach. My husband brought me a sample of the Weight control, and six weeks later I had lost an astonishing thirty pounds just in time for our daughter's wedding! - Mrs. Miller

I notice my appetite has decreased and it takes less for me to feel full since I'm taking the Weight Control. - Joram

I have lost 15 pounds and two dress sizes since I started the Weight Control. I exercised when possible but the biggest difference was a big change in how much it takes to satisfy me and I am not hungry all the time. I lost the weight six months ago and I have not regained any of it. - Garber


Customer Comments


In July of 2005 I had cellulites in my leg and I asked you for something to help clear it up. I had a prescription from the Dr. but it did not clear it up. You did research on it and gave me Gotu Kola. One bottle to put one my leg and one to take internally. After several bottles, it cleared up! Just wanted to let you know what the results were. Thank you for taking time and interest in my case and thanks goes to the giver of these wonderful herbs! - Mrs. Stutzman


Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate your product. What a find! To be able to purchase excellent quality (tinctures) liquid herbs. We took one of your products with us to the Chiropractor to be muscle tested and we're very pleased that they proved to test clean of any pesticide residue or any other environmental toxins that would be harmful to the body, which seems to be harder to accomplish these days. Thanks again and May God Bless your work. I can't wait to try other products. - Lindsay R

I wanted to thank you all for being so helpful with my shipment and going the extra mile to make things work for me. I have never had customer service that was so prompt and helpful! It has been a pleasure to work with you and I am sure I will be working more with you in the future. - Kristina L

These are a sample of testimonies from real people who shared with us their experiences in using the herbal remedies we created with great care. The products are available from Mountain Meadow Herbs, extracted and formulated using the same process I developed in my home ten years ago. Calls are still answered by a team member trained in compassion and caring as all employees remained with the company after its sale.

The FDA has not approved the information contained on thissite. While it is based on the wisdom passed down through generations that in many cases has been validated by modern science, it is not intended to replace a physicians care or advice, or to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Freedom comes with responsibility; please do not choose herbal remedies or dietary supplements if you are unwilling to also assume the risk. The author is not responsible for the outcome of the choices of the reader, and has provided this information for the sole purpose of helping others interested in natural solutions to make wise decisions and to add to the growing awareness of the value and hope that can be found in herbal remedies and dietary supplements.